The aim of this Spring School is to provide an in-depth introduction into the foundations of complex phenomena related to the mechanical response of solids, including such phenomena as elasticity, plasticity, and fracture mechanics. The variational approach towards existence theories and the related concept of relaxation will be introduced and illustrated with well chosen examples. Each topic will be introduced by two lectures and complemented by a recitation class which allows the participants to gain hands-on experience with applications of the concepts introduced in the lectures. 

The following topics will be addressed during the week:

Fundamentals of structural mechanics (Thorsten Bartel)

Numerical methods in nonlinear elasticity and relaxation (Sören Bartels)

Nonlinear elasticity and relaxation (Georg Dolzmann)

A mathematical approach towards fracture mechanics (Manuel Friedrich)

Foundations of continuum mechanics for solids (Klaus Hackl)

Participation is free of charge but registration before February 17, 2023 is mandatory via email ( 

It is expected that we can fund all travel and local expenses for participants who are members of the SPP 2256. A confirmation will be communicated after the deadline for registration.

The conferenc dinner is held on Wednesdays at 7 pm in the Fürstliches Brauhaus. 

Additional material for the school is availible under login.



  • Thorsten Bartel (Dortmund)

  • Sören Bartels (Freiburg)

  • Georg Dolzmann (Regensburg)

  • Manuel Friedrich (Erlangen)

  • Klaus Hackl (Bochum)


Time Title Presenter
8:00 Welcome  
8:15 Lecture Dolzmann
9:45 Coffee break  
10:15 Lecture Dolzmann
11:45 lunch break  
14:00 Lecture Dolzmann
15:30 Coffee break  
16:15 Lecture Bartel
Time Title Presenter
8:15 Tutorial Bartel
9:45 Coffee break  
10:15 Lecture Bartel
11:45 lunch break  
14:00 Lecture Friedrich
15:30 Coffee break  
16:00 Tutorial Friedrich
Time Title Presenter
8:30 Lecture Friedrich
10:00 Coffee break  
10:15 Lecture Bartels
Time Title Presenter
8:15 Tutorial Bartels
9:45 Coffee break  
10:15 Lecture Bartels
11:45 Lunch break  
14:00 Lecture Hackl
Time Title Presenter
8:00 Tutorial Hackl
10:00 Lecture Hackl